Dear Dear Henry & Judy,

I cannot tell you how happy I am to have scored your email address from Judd (via Charly Roth).

I've been writing for Huffington Post for about 18 months.
Last week, after some judicious editing on my part, I hooked Charly up with my editor there for his famous Henry Sends Me To The Dakota story.

We're both now Literary Personages!

Here's the piece I did about my other home, and other parents... Manny's and you 'n' Judy!

Here's how you can get to all my Huff Po stories...

I'm proud to tell you that a major media brand has signed me to an eBook deal... coming out in January!
Dear Holly
I hope you are both happy and healthy. 
You will never know what you meant to me all these years.
I tried to express it in my tribute (above)... but, just skimmed the surface of my feelings.
I remain in The Rubble (aka the music industry). I earn about 20% of what I was making in the 90's. sigh

Still married, mostly happily. Susan is a speech therapist working with 2 - 4 year olds... early intervention.
Still living on Roosevelt Island.
I don't go to W 48th St more than a few times a year these days.
My finances are such that my buying days are over, past strings and picks.
The guitar I play most at home is the Telecaster you sold my Dad in December, 1966.
It was stolen from me in 1974. I got it back in 1978, the finish stripped, but, otherwise, intact.
Every time I pick it up, I see Dad's face and yours, Henry.
Here's to lovely holidays and a wonderful 2012 for all the Goldrichs!
Much love and eternal respect,

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