As we all know, in the mid to late '70's there were probably as many sales outside the stores as inside...One day, my friend John calls me and says "Hey, I'm going to 48th st. to sell my Telecaster...wanna' take a ride?" so I said yeah sure.....(we usually were there 4 or 5 times a month in those days)

After parking and walking up the block for about 20 minutes or so window shopping , we see these two guys standing in front of We Buy....they're looking at a Telecaster , so , John says to the kid..."which one you looking at?" so the kid points to a '55 or '56 Fender Telecaster and says "I always wanted a Tele but I can't afford that !!" (I think it was $800 or so back then......LOL).....anyway, John tells him "I have a '67 Tele right here for $175...wanna' see it?" the kid sits on the curb playing it for maybe five minutes and says "WOW.....nice guitar.....but how do I know it works?".....without batting an eye John says..."That's easy...we'll just go over to Manny's........" on the way over he tells the kid...don't say anything, I'll handle everything !!" as we walk in the door we run into one of our friends that works there John asks Rickey if we can use an amp for five minutes   Rickey says "sure no problem" ....there was a lil Pignose amp in the front of the store....John plugs the guitar in, doesn't hit TWO notes and Henry's screaming "C'mon trying that amp or selling the guitar....?".....I lost it, just bust out John plays it a little , shows him both pick ups work ......then he asks him...."you got an amp at home?" the kid says no.......John tells him how cool the Pignose is and he should really get one.....long story short....the kid buys the guitar, buys the Pignose, a box of strings, a strap and a guitar cable !!!

The kid leaves the store and Henry leans over and says....."you guys are good, you can work here anytime you want !" and walked away laughing.....I think he made more money than we did !! LOL

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