My fondest memories of this legendary landmark comes from my frequent visits there while attending the high school of the Performing Arts, which was then located on 46 st between 6th avenue & Times Square. In 1968 I was a junior & had just joined the official Jimi Hendrix fan club at Warner Reprise records with another member of school. A small group of the NYC chapter of the fan club had the finest 'Hendrix-watch' around & we would shadow Hendrix whenever he hung out in the NYC areas, including a few visits to Manny's.

One such visit I remember thoughtfully, because he purchased a wide variety of instruments, among them a trumpet & tenor sax. I thought that to be pretty much out of his character, until about a year later when he spoke briefly at our high school for a small informal assembly & he talked about a new musical concept that Stevie Wonder, Buddy Miles & Todd Rungren had spoken to him about. This concept being that it was possible for a musician to go into a recording studio & track all the instruments him/herself, creating what Stevie described to him as a '4th dimensional' way of experiencing the music.
Today this concept is popular with skilled musicians, but back in those days it was quite thought-provoking among musicians looking to take their music to a higher level. 
Hendrix paced around Manny's that day like a 'kid in a candy store'.

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