It is March and I would like to thank all the people whom have joined "the virtual wall" It must be said that this could not of happened without the "Manny's family" We love to read all your stories and look forward to many more. Sandi Bachom is one of the most unbelievable film artists. As you go through our site you can see her love for Manny's and the musicians.

Please keep us posted on your upcoming events. Through this site we are hoping to go to another level, this can only be done with all you rockers. Pass the "Virtual wall" around, tell a friend...

Have a great week and I hope to read more stories soon.


Holly Goldrich

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Comment by PFunk on May 10, 2010 at 1:03am
I do stand up comedy much more than playing out...but I still sing, so I'll let you know.
You can see me at Broadway Comedy Club on the 15th of this month.
7 PM.
(it's a Saturday)

In any case, I'm so excited about this "virtual wall". Many good memories of Manny's--some just funny, but they're good.
I got bawled out once or twice.

Take care and be well.

Comment by Holly Goldrich on May 10, 2010 at 12:56am
Thank you and it is great to have new members!!!!

I hope you are well and still playing. Let us know and we will post your gigs!
Comment by PFunk on May 10, 2010 at 12:06am
My first time at Manny's was on a trip to NYC to see some Broadway show--probably "The Wiz" and I was allowed to walk around by myself.
At the time I was a horn player, but I lusted after guitars.
Then I found Manny's...I walked in and was transported. The wall, the vibe, I was in a music museum that was also a music store? WHAT? Heaven.
I could have stayed in there forever.
Although I only bought a mouthpiece for my trumpet and I think some guitar picks (for my non-existent guitar) I remember being treated like family.
Like a musician.
THIS is what is lost in every other music store.
Respect for the musician.
Manny's had it in spades.
Since finding this "Virtual Wall", I've shared it with every musician friend I know. Hopefully, they will share their memories too.

Now, when I walk by Sam Ash, look down and see that well-worn tile reading "Manny's" I get a little choked up.
Nothing lasts forever but the rocks, or so they say, but my memories of my trips to Manny's will.
Thanks, Holly.
And by the way, I remember you from NEC.
You look great.
All the best, always.

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